Digital Map RF Planning With the Best Option on Radio Frequency

Well, radio wave propagation is a complex process, it is impossible to precisely predict. Use of radio frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrums is regulated by governments of the in most countries.

11In the spectrum management process it is also known as frequency or spectrum allocation. Giving the technical and electronic reason government has to sought out the digital map RF planning. Radio wave propagation is a very complex process. It is impossible to precisely predict how waves will spread and what values we will measure at some particular point. Therefore we have some mathematical models to approximate radio propagation and to calculate field strength values according to predefined probability.

The propagation model, which is based on electromagnetic theory and on 1111statistical analysis of both digital map features and radio measurements, predicts the median attenuation of the radio signal as a function of distance and the variability of the signal in time and in space. Propagation models define curves and formulas. With such model we can predict propagation in arbitrary distance from the transmitter. Curves and mathematical formulas manually is a very tough task. In order to automate and speed up such calculations many software tools were developed. Normally, radio 3d digital model software packages are used by broadcasters, mobile operators and radio frequency authorities. Because of complexity and small number of potential customers, the price of such software package can be pretty high. But there is one exception to this rule.

The author has decided to publish it under the “freeware” license which means that the software is freely available on the web. This software is primarily dedicated to amateur radio; however, it can be also used in other areas including broadcasting and professional mobile communications.

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