How Digital Maps are Used in Building City Models

A 3d digital model is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any three dimensional grounds or surface of an object through dedicated software. This product or by-product is known as 3d digital model. It can be exhibited as a two-dimensional image via a procedure known as 3D image or used in a computer simulation of physical phenomenon. The replica can also be actually shaped automatically or manually. The physical modelling process of preparing geometric data for 3d computer graphics is similar to plastic arts such as Sculpting.


Digital Map or mapping is a procedure by which collection of data is collected and formatted into a virtual image. The primary purpose of this technical machinery is to produce maps that give precise depictions of a particular area, detailing major road routes and other major points of importance. This very technology also allows the estimation of distances from one place to another.


This digital map or mapping has many purposes and uses that are as follows:

  • Computer Applications: Many internet based computer programs and applications such as internet search map engines offer map views from space and street level about much of the world. Search Map engines like ‘Google Earth’ offers digital mapping in personal applications such as tracking distances and finding locations.
  • Scientific Applications: The growth of mobile computing has just encouraged the use of digital mapping in the sciences and applied sciences. Various science fields that use digital mapping technology including geology, engineering, Architecture, Land surveying, mining etc.


Now it is time to turnover to RF map or mapping program seeks to gives real time knowledge of radio spectrum that is used across frequency, topography and time. The main objective is to provide a map that gives an accurate picture of spectrum use in difficult settings.



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