Radio Frequency Planning of an Urban City Has Brought Revolution


Conventional maps present a geographical setting on a level statically, while digital cartography has taken the work forward by making and creating maps using computers that showed off or presented many extra interactive features such as overturned information box, focusing or zooming and clickable icons with hyperlinks. By using compass and other innovative gadgets such as magnetic storage devices permitted people to make more precise maps, stockpiles and influence them digitally in the starting days of map making. It was only in the ending decades of twentieth century that started the commencement of advanced digital map RF planning. This kind of planning is an electronic technology that brought a revolution in digital cartography and computer mapping equipments.


RF planning is the procedure of allocating frequencies, transmitter positions and parameters of a wireless communication system to provide sufficient signal coverage and capacity for the required services. This particular plan of cellular communication system has two main aims such as coverage and capacity. Most of the people know this fact that planning saves time and money and sometimes it has the capability to save both these precious resources. All the workers and employees of RF planning are very obsessive about efficiency such as getting the maximum results from the minimum expenditure. Planning a networking system with a smallest amount of base stations needed to meet necessary service requirements, it is the only way out to execute the implementation, whether the network or networking system is local, regional or national.


By using the advanced RF map that has been given by a particular digital map making company with attractive features can help the civil engineers in planning the infrastructure of metropolitan city as well as helping them to rectify errors that can become a major hurdle in any type of future city development.

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