Dedicated Radio Frequency Planning playing Pivotal role in Urbanization


It is already the second decade of 21st century and the planning of the urban cities have gone under a drastic change. It is a brazen truth because the way the world population is growing and increasing, it is totally and completely important to take the help of radio frequency planning to design a perfect model of a brand new city that has the capability to accommodate a huge population with a lesser number of loopholes that has the potential to disrupt the whole planning and designing that has to be implemented afterwards. So it is better to have a brief study about all the features that are involved in the planning of planning of a city.


RF or Radio Frequency planning is the original and basic formula for assigning or sharing out frequencies, transmitter locations and parameters of wireless contact system that provides ample coverage and power for the services required or wanted. The radio frequency strategy of cellular communication has two main goals that are popularly known as Coverage and Capacity.

  • Coverage: It is linked to the physical track within the structure that has maximum radio frequency signal strength to provide for call and data session. This type of radio frequency has a huge coverage area especially when it is being used to map the entire city for further planning for development.raw-brisbane-lidar-imagery-rf-modelling-propagation


  • Capacity: It is connected to the capability of the system to maintain the provided number of survivors. While planning a city, radio frequency net always shows its capacity in covering the entire city with length and breadth.


 RF Planning2

Now the digital map we are talking about are very different from the old and the previous ones. They just had a bit of information just like the pubs and phone boxes. But for an unusual data set such as for a particular land use, catchment areas of a school are really critical for particular set of people. And when the need arises to sketch a plan for the whole city, same rules are implemented for the digital mapping.

And in the latter stages of development 3d digital model was invented that was much better than the previous versions of the map.

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