2d &3d Digital Models Have Changed The Scenario Of Mapping

RF_Spectrum_liteWhile travelling to a new place, a small thing that we count on is a map. Last month I was travelling to this place which was unknown as well as new for me. Eventually I wasn’t worried for a long time as my car had its map, in general terms what we call it, a navigation system. Can you imagine how life would have been without this hi- tech device? Earlier when our forefathers used to travel undoubtedly they had maps with them. But now when the man has travelled from one corner of the world to another, it is totally not possible to sketch maps on papers and use it. Thanks to the advancement of technology we have today, which is upgrading day by day.

Melbourne Observation Deck Rialto Tower

When we talk about the maps or navigation, the term we often come across is radio frequency planning or rf Planning. I hope you too have heard about it, but still I want to throw some light on it. Radio frequency planning plays an integral role in communication and beneficial to the telecom companies, whose sole aim remains is to provide maximum coverage with best quality network.

The 3d map rf planning is such a feature which is incorporated for preparing different maps designs. It uses radio waves that has amazing feature of carrying various data irrespective of any country boundaries and only interfered by comparable kind of wave.

markets_wirelessConsequently the 3d digital model by radio frequency planning has number of uses. The maps of intercity, states and even the road maps for traffic control are such examples. In fact, we can also look into the advantages that have been provided to the infra and architectural development with its highly realistic and accurate images. With high resolution aerial pictures, the military and defence have fulfilled many operations. This is truly a modern day mapping system that has made our lives much easier.

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