Role of Digital Maps & 3D Models in The Current World

Maps are long known for shaping the world as well as paving way and showing directions to numerous travellers of the world across the time. But times have changed and those times are long gone when hand-held maps were used.Now, we are living in a world that is being ruled and controlled with the likes of a digital map. It was all possible with the help of companies like Boodmoe that are operating in the international markets of geo-informational technologies since 90s and slowly established itself as the leading provider of wide-ranging digital mapping products. All such companies produce high quality geo-data for needs of telecommunications market, transport management, logistics, LBS, geomarketing, navigation as well as other profitable uses of applications.             images-2

Now just apart from digital map, there are some other good appreciable products that are known as 3d digital model that are basically used and known as planning tools while planning various construction projects. These models help us in making certain changes in the model that also helps the engineer to finally weed out all the errors and work on all necessary final changes that will help him and his team in completing the construction on time or even before time or actual deadline. Nowadays these models are used everywhere such as building new tunnels or metro lines, construction towers, expansion of the city limits, new town planning, building new sewers and drains, building new railway lines by cutting down the mountains and gradually for every kind of extreme engineering. Moreover, sometimes it is also known as digital elevation model that simply means that it is nothing but a digitally created representation of ground topography and terrain.


As far as radio frequency planning is concerned, it is a method that is most suitable for supply chain management. In fact, the truth is that due to radio frequency planning as well as radio frequency identification, the range of current applications go far beyond our current imagination. For more valid, verified, vivid and detailed information, please visit the ‘Boodmoe’ web page.

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