Digital Maps: A New Gateway To See The World

3g-umtsA recent visit to my ancestral village (embraced by hills all around) couldn’t be easier and safer without maps. No, I didn’t take traditional map which were drawn on papers, of course we do not live in that era. We should be grateful that digital technology of present day is a boon to human where everything happens with a flicker of light. Digital maps are one among the major advancements that have provided wings to humanity.

So, these days you do not have to carry maps or compass for guidance, but a small cell phone is self-sufficient to track roads for you even in the most isolated area too. An excellent and amazing software that enable us to view your city along with the streets too. The application is result of radio frequency planning that involves utilization of radio waves that has a property to transfer information irrespective of distance.

maxresdefaultMoreover, it has great advantages in different fields; there is a special mention to town planning in the field of architecture. You will find specific type of models for different purpose like DTM (digital terrain model), DEM (digital elevation model), land use model, vector/linear data, 3D building heights data etc.

Furthermore, these days you will find many companies providing such software as per the need of the clients that serve the purpose of a 3d digital model.So, a client can willing customize his specification. However, major-leading service provider offer specifications like transport management, logistics, location based services, geo-marketing or natural resource management.

aaIn addition, the service of 3d map rf planning offered by the companies provide good solution for telecommunication industry also. These provide digital models for GSM, CDMA, UMTS/WCDMA, WiMAX, 3G, 4G, and LTE etc. The availability of products can be purchased in different leading formats. It is an obvious fact that any telecommunication can only bloom if its services are satisfying its customers. So, one can easily assume that a strong signal and network coverage are indispensable factors a telecom company. One can avail such services from prominent and reliable vendor such as

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