Digital Maps Working In This Digital World


World has changed a lot after the Second World War. It gained a chance to change further more after the end of the cold war & the cold war blocks & start of the globalization period. So, even the maps have changed a lot in the matter of time. In the past we were habituated to use traditional maps, but know due to the advent of technology, we are able to use some new age type of map very well-known as digital map.  It is well-known to all of us that maps are the critical tools we possess when it comes to identify with the world around us, pinpointing valuable information & usually finding our way around. Now these digital maps are really coming into our world with a highly developed format and resolution with more detailed information & data than ever before, increasing the accuracy & revolutionizing the world of maps.


Now when the radio frequency map comes into the picture, the story gets complicated here because radio wave broadcasting is a versatile method. Sometimes it is also very difficult or close to impossible to accurately predict on exactly how the waves will spread & what type of values will be measured at some specific time. So we have some mathematical models to appropriate radio broadcasting as well as calculating field strength values according to predefined possibility for making radio frequency maps.


Nowadays, some new versions of maps such as mind maps are coming into the fray that has the capability in giving direct competition to digital map & rf map. Even though majority of people are viewing or watching a mind map or concept map that will originally consider the words themselves to have the generally significant such as exact pointing of these words within the diagram that also holds the critical information. In this ultra-modern age mind maps, the highly grossing idea of the diagram that will be found at the centre, with topics of plummeting levels of importance that is glowing out from this until the detail inhabits at the edges.

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Latest And Sophisticated Technology To Track Down The Roads And Lanes Of Your City

68bd7aa67e105fba48f1e612c42810cfFor constructing any building and infrastructure, there is always a requirement of blueprint and layout. We are already in the time of modernization where everything happens in flickers of a second. Every moment there is a next level of advancement. The principle is same for the layout or the maps too. The 3d digital model buildings have helped the construction companies for easy assessment of their task despite of chalking out the structures on the paper. These architectural designs give an effective interpretation on visual basis and allow featuring every minute component in a detailed manner.


Especially, when there is planning for a region, city, town or urban place, the perfect accurate images that are produced are very impressive. These pictures are of high resolution that shows every fine and tiny details which are the result of radio frequency or rf planning. Radio frequency planning entirely works on the radio waves which can transfer the information from place to another. Consequently till date it has been proved to be a very beneficial to many sectors including telecommunication, architectural, transportation, logistics, Geo-marketing and many others.


Whenever we are on move and need a direction during our voyage, the navigation system in our vehicle helps us to sort out the problem. This is nothing but the innovative application of the 3d map rf planning. However, the maps we search on our cell phones help us to track down the roads and lanes around the city. These modern products have provided great solutions to the telecom companies by providing them a transparency in network service. Efficiency of optimization has given strength to the telecom services in terms of non interference package and advanced features. Not to mention that it has been quiet worthy saving time and money too. Consequently, digitization is serving as a new arm for the mankind.

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2d &3d Digital Models Have Changed The Scenario Of Mapping

RF_Spectrum_liteWhile travelling to a new place, a small thing that we count on is a map. Last month I was travelling to this place which was unknown as well as new for me. Eventually I wasn’t worried for a long time as my car had its map, in general terms what we call it, a navigation system. Can you imagine how life would have been without this hi- tech device? Earlier when our forefathers used to travel undoubtedly they had maps with them. But now when the man has travelled from one corner of the world to another, it is totally not possible to sketch maps on papers and use it. Thanks to the advancement of technology we have today, which is upgrading day by day.

Melbourne Observation Deck Rialto Tower

When we talk about the maps or navigation, the term we often come across is radio frequency planning or rf Planning. I hope you too have heard about it, but still I want to throw some light on it. Radio frequency planning plays an integral role in communication and beneficial to the telecom companies, whose sole aim remains is to provide maximum coverage with best quality network.

The 3d map rf planning is such a feature which is incorporated for preparing different maps designs. It uses radio waves that has amazing feature of carrying various data irrespective of any country boundaries and only interfered by comparable kind of wave.

markets_wirelessConsequently the 3d digital model by radio frequency planning has number of uses. The maps of intercity, states and even the road maps for traffic control are such examples. In fact, we can also look into the advantages that have been provided to the infra and architectural development with its highly realistic and accurate images. With high resolution aerial pictures, the military and defence have fulfilled many operations. This is truly a modern day mapping system that has made our lives much easier.

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Watch The New World Being Shaped By Digital Maps & Radio Frequency Planning

radiobannerEver since the world came into the existence with life, efforts were always made to make the world as a much better place to live in. Slowly and steadily we have started creating our civilized towns and cities. But earlier when we were used to engineer these cities, we lacked many things that were not visible on an ordinary map. So unknowingly, we made many mistakes. And due to that many cities that were the old models never worked out properly for ordinary people to establish settlements in those cities peacefully. These cities failed eventually in establishing proper settlements. So with the advancement and technology and science, time was completely ripe for the new technology to show up eventually. Hence the new age engineers were equipped with tools and devices like digital map.


So now we are present in a world that can be also called as an interconnected wireless world that has led to packed and tightly stuffed airwaves, making radio frequency planning a hot subject. For engineers, who are efficiently supervising and controlling the RF spectrum is really very vital to ensure effective communications and field intelligence gathering for mapping the entire city covering every nook and corner.


So the advanced radio frequency map seeks to provide some real time responsiveness & awareness of radio spectrum that is used against frequency, geography and time. The main motive and objective is to provide a map that gives a precise picture of spectrum use in multifaceted & complicated environments. With this precise and vital information, spectrum managers and automatic spectrum allotment systems can operate much more efficiently, plummeting & decreasing the problems caused by the spectrum jamming and congestion and enabling better mitigation of intervention problems. An RF map plans to provide this information in order to use radios that are employed or deployed for mapping the cities, landscapes and skyscrapers as well some other purposes like data and voice communication systems.

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Dedicated Radio Frequency Planning playing Pivotal role in Urbanization


It is already the second decade of 21st century and the planning of the urban cities have gone under a drastic change. It is a brazen truth because the way the world population is growing and increasing, it is totally and completely important to take the help of radio frequency planning to design a perfect model of a brand new city that has the capability to accommodate a huge population with a lesser number of loopholes that has the potential to disrupt the whole planning and designing that has to be implemented afterwards. So it is better to have a brief study about all the features that are involved in the planning of planning of a city.


RF or Radio Frequency planning is the original and basic formula for assigning or sharing out frequencies, transmitter locations and parameters of wireless contact system that provides ample coverage and power for the services required or wanted. The radio frequency strategy of cellular communication has two main goals that are popularly known as Coverage and Capacity.

  • Coverage: It is linked to the physical track within the structure that has maximum radio frequency signal strength to provide for call and data session. This type of radio frequency has a huge coverage area especially when it is being used to map the entire city for further planning for development.raw-brisbane-lidar-imagery-rf-modelling-propagation


  • Capacity: It is connected to the capability of the system to maintain the provided number of survivors. While planning a city, radio frequency net always shows its capacity in covering the entire city with length and breadth.


 RF Planning2

Now the digital map we are talking about are very different from the old and the previous ones. They just had a bit of information just like the pubs and phone boxes. But for an unusual data set such as for a particular land use, catchment areas of a school are really critical for particular set of people. And when the need arises to sketch a plan for the whole city, same rules are implemented for the digital mapping.

And in the latter stages of development 3d digital model was invented that was much better than the previous versions of the map.

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3D Digital Model of Radio Frequency Map Really Helps Planning a City

images (1)The aim of proliferation modelling is to decide the chances of satisfactory performance of a wireless system that completely depends on radio wave propagation or proliferation. For RF planning, the replication of proliferation is the cause of RF coverage analysis. This kind of analysis uses the proliferation model and terrain data to predict the RF coverage area of a transmitter, the received signal strength at the end of the wireless link, the pathway loss from the transmitter to a distance receiver, the antenna tilt angle of the transmitter, the bare minimum antenna height to establish the line of sight communication path and channel impairment such as delay due to spread of multi-path fading.

mob-netopt-ran-lcdBy taking the help of 3d map RF planning gets some stunning views to find out right place that needs right road to arrive at that point on time. The particular company that is involved in radio frequency planning of an urban city always gives stress to quality, features and price. This specific company also believes in providing the best quality and all the new features that can find solutions for you. Most of the people who are working in this field, knew about this specific market very well and its demand. Companies involved in this sector always come up with something new and beneficial products for the general public. Products like this generally impress clients as well as the customers that tend to give faster results as compared to any other product.

imagesThose companies that are involved in making some advance products are also known as 3D Digital Model. Traditional business models are now changing quickly because of the changing technology due to rapid progress in science, knowledge and intellectuality. Developments and changes are necessary to bring something new, unique and exciting product into the market. Such a product has a capacity to produce good results without taking too much time. If the product such as 3-dimensional digital model has been tested properly before releasing in the market then it can be also capable performing better in all sort of conditions either it is good or bad.

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Radio Frequency Planning of an Urban City Has Brought Revolution


Conventional maps present a geographical setting on a level statically, while digital cartography has taken the work forward by making and creating maps using computers that showed off or presented many extra interactive features such as overturned information box, focusing or zooming and clickable icons with hyperlinks. By using compass and other innovative gadgets such as magnetic storage devices permitted people to make more precise maps, stockpiles and influence them digitally in the starting days of map making. It was only in the ending decades of twentieth century that started the commencement of advanced digital map RF planning. This kind of planning is an electronic technology that brought a revolution in digital cartography and computer mapping equipments.


RF planning is the procedure of allocating frequencies, transmitter positions and parameters of a wireless communication system to provide sufficient signal coverage and capacity for the required services. This particular plan of cellular communication system has two main aims such as coverage and capacity. Most of the people know this fact that planning saves time and money and sometimes it has the capability to save both these precious resources. All the workers and employees of RF planning are very obsessive about efficiency such as getting the maximum results from the minimum expenditure. Planning a networking system with a smallest amount of base stations needed to meet necessary service requirements, it is the only way out to execute the implementation, whether the network or networking system is local, regional or national.


By using the advanced RF map that has been given by a particular digital map making company with attractive features can help the civil engineers in planning the infrastructure of metropolitan city as well as helping them to rectify errors that can become a major hurdle in any type of future city development.

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