Digital Maps: A New Gateway To See The World

3g-umtsA recent visit to my ancestral village (embraced by hills all around) couldn’t be easier and safer without maps. No, I didn’t take traditional map which were drawn on papers, of course we do not live in that era. We should be grateful that digital technology of present day is a boon to human where everything happens with a flicker of light. Digital maps are one among the major advancements that have provided wings to humanity.

So, these days you do not have to carry maps or compass for guidance, but a small cell phone is self-sufficient to track roads for you even in the most isolated area too. An excellent and amazing software that enable us to view your city along with the streets too. The application is result of radio frequency planning that involves utilization of radio waves that has a property to transfer information irrespective of distance.

maxresdefaultMoreover, it has great advantages in different fields; there is a special mention to town planning in the field of architecture. You will find specific type of models for different purpose like DTM (digital terrain model), DEM (digital elevation model), land use model, vector/linear data, 3D building heights data etc.

Furthermore, these days you will find many companies providing such software as per the need of the clients that serve the purpose of a 3d digital model.So, a client can willing customize his specification. However, major-leading service provider offer specifications like transport management, logistics, location based services, geo-marketing or natural resource management.

aaIn addition, the service of 3d map rf planning offered by the companies provide good solution for telecommunication industry also. These provide digital models for GSM, CDMA, UMTS/WCDMA, WiMAX, 3G, 4G, and LTE etc. The availability of products can be purchased in different leading formats. It is an obvious fact that any telecommunication can only bloom if its services are satisfying its customers. So, one can easily assume that a strong signal and network coverage are indispensable factors a telecom company. One can avail such services from prominent and reliable vendor such as

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3-D Maps Have Reformed Outlook Of Viewing Maps

Time has seen so many significant changes which surely cannot be penned down so easily. The present era of digitalization has brought a major significant revolution to the mapping world. Often referred as a digital map, has bestowed a whole new way of looking upon the globe. Not to mention, the diverse features of these 3-d maps serving tremendously in different field like navy, army and construction works, logistics etc.

Perhaps, we don’t require to carry paper maps any more now unlike earlier days while travelling to anyplace. In fact, maps available on our cell phones give impressive visual of world itself. Whether, it is a view of a country or a state boundary, or may be street and boulevard of a busiest city,3d map rf planning or radio frequency planning have helped to scaled the isolated place too. Basically, it works on properties of radio waves which can transfer information irrespective of any geographical barriers but can only be interfered with similar kind of wave.

Correspondingly, when we refer radio frequency planning, it plays a vital role in our daily life in the form of cell phone and mobile (used every second across the globe for talking).Besides, every telecom company is very conscious about the efficiency of their network coverage to give best experience of talking to customer. Furthermore, this process of assigning frequency is an important parameter of wireless communication. It not only deals with the coverage area but also the capacity. Accessing different internet facilities like messaging even at the highest altitude or a remote place is all possible because radio frequency planning.

However, availability of these automated radio frequency tools can be found from online stores of the vendors like In addition, various ranges of software offering radio frequency tools can be approached for requirement; these are also being customized according to the demands of the client to serve the purpose.

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Role of Digital Maps & 3D Models in The Current World

Maps are long known for shaping the world as well as paving way and showing directions to numerous travellers of the world across the time. But times have changed and those times are long gone when hand-held maps were used.Now, we are living in a world that is being ruled and controlled with the likes of a digital map. It was all possible with the help of companies like Boodmoe that are operating in the international markets of geo-informational technologies since 90s and slowly established itself as the leading provider of wide-ranging digital mapping products. All such companies produce high quality geo-data for needs of telecommunications market, transport management, logistics, LBS, geomarketing, navigation as well as other profitable uses of applications.             images-2

Now just apart from digital map, there are some other good appreciable products that are known as 3d digital model that are basically used and known as planning tools while planning various construction projects. These models help us in making certain changes in the model that also helps the engineer to finally weed out all the errors and work on all necessary final changes that will help him and his team in completing the construction on time or even before time or actual deadline. Nowadays these models are used everywhere such as building new tunnels or metro lines, construction towers, expansion of the city limits, new town planning, building new sewers and drains, building new railway lines by cutting down the mountains and gradually for every kind of extreme engineering. Moreover, sometimes it is also known as digital elevation model that simply means that it is nothing but a digitally created representation of ground topography and terrain.


As far as radio frequency planning is concerned, it is a method that is most suitable for supply chain management. In fact, the truth is that due to radio frequency planning as well as radio frequency identification, the range of current applications go far beyond our current imagination. For more valid, verified, vivid and detailed information, please visit the ‘Boodmoe’ web page.

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A Modern Day Navigation For An Enthralling Experience

planingThe current day condition of our world is not the same as it was some years ago in terms of advancement. Definitely we can cite many examples. One such would be the way we are seeing the world through the map or most often referred as the navigation system. Not to mention, that we are in a digital world and digitization has captivated everything (in positive ways for sure). The 3d digital model of the maps has absolutely changed the way of looking. Now it is very much possible to trace every remote and isolated place on the globe.

fused_aerialviewConsequently, these updated advanced form of navigation has been proved to be quite beneficiary in a number of ways in various field. Quite often we use the mapping system in our car to locate the streets and roads. In fact, it’s a great convenience that one can undoubtedly roam around the world with the help of these navigation system without getting lost anywhere.

vcccInterestingly, a perfect scientific approach of radio frequency planning is utilized where the property of radio waves of transferring information without any hindrance has been integrated. They are only interrupted when encounter with the type of wave. Ultimately, employed by many telecommunication companies,as the major objective of a telecom company is always to provide maximum coverage areas whether it is a high altitude or a remotely isolated place.

rfMoreover, 3d map rf planning is exceptionally useful for architecture and building companies on large scale. With the incorporation of radio frequency technique, a proper urban planning can be done hassle freely. The best application of system is during the traffic; real time images enable to guide the traffic to avoid congestion.Furthermore, it is quite serving defense too, in identification of unknown arms and places.The pictures thus obtained at highly defined and accurate available in various compatible formats.

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Are3D Maps Accurate For Real Time Viewing Experience?

We human are extremely never settling down with whatever we have. In fact, we should be grateful to this feature that every single day small – big creative ideas are leading to inventions. In that concern, Wireless networking has given a whole new definition to communication across the globe.Milestone in progression where we can actually speak to the person irrespective of any location on the earth (altitude or detachment)


Digitallyviewing the landscape is another form of revolution we can really pat our shoulders for.Aerial sight has provided a clear cut view of the landscape. It is almost unimaginable to think how in older days’sketches and maps on paperswere used as a travelling guide.Not to mention they provide very valuable information to direct the path but which cannot be applicable in today’s world.You must have undergone through hormone gushing gaming experience that popularly uses 3d digital model.

Additionally, inundating demand for superior technology especially if we take the mobile users into consideration, is quiet helping in breath through innovations. Consequently, the telecommunication companies are tryingto come up with more improvedversions.Application of navigation system or the mapping software help to find out the street and lanes. So if you are going for skiing, your cell phone is sufficient enough to guide you through the peaks and steeps. The integration of 3d map rf planning is the reason for we see every remotest part of earth so accurately.


The digital map rf planning or radio frequency planning give very precise images with high resolution and are applicable in varied field very magnificently.This may include tracing of congestion of vehicles in the traffic jam. The real time awareness of streets and roads of cities / town are very helpful to carry on a smooth traffic flow. Moreover, the technology has also quite adapted in defence to tackle various risky circumstances like monitoring of radio emissions etc. These kind of geospatial solutions are also useful to the architectural and construction companies.

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Digital Maps Are the New Game Changers in the Digital World

Can you ever imagine or wonder about our world without maps or any kind of navigation without maps? Such a scenario has the capability to make you completely blind and cannot find your way, when you are travelling towards your destination via sea route or land route. It was only with the help of these maps that people who were living in Europe were able to find and get in touch as well as reach other places of the world such as Asia. Now those maps that were prepared on chart paper were the things of the past. Today, we are living in digital world were digital map serves the purpose of navigation. These digital maps are also available to all the numerous citizens who are using it as GPS tracker whenever they are lost track of their destination and need it in order to find the particular destination. These electronic digital maps can also be used as distress or S.O.S signals when a particular person is in danger and the significant individual activates & sends his /her GPS tracker to his relative who might be located in the vicinity so that he/she will come to help or aid him/her in time.


Now let’s have some deeper outlook and move on to some other various marvels of the digital world such as 3d digital model that is also sometimes called as the upgraded version of the digital map that is available to commoners in their smart phones. Basically, most of the people may be thinking what is it exactly and what are its qualities & features? For your answer, we are coming to that point. This type of model is digital representation of any inner or outer physical structure. For example, you can take the case of buildings that are created by architectures. Before the creation, they are destined to prepare the outlay of the structure, previously, those outlays were prepared on simple charts that needs to be perfect and it took lots & lots of time to figure out each and every mistake, rectify it & do it again, but with the three dimensional digital model the rectification can be done in minutes and the particular architecture can show the final outlay to his/her bosses with even the minute details available in the outlay that can eventually satisfies them and they can approve the structure of the building.


Whereas an RF map is concerned, it is used as a tool for network carriers, regulators, local councils & planning consultants to make an assessment freely about the maximum impact of the mobile network base stations.  

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Digital Maps Best Suited For Digital World

Just for a while, forget everything else and imagine about the world without maps. How do you feel? Feeling like completely lost, isn’t it. That’s the miracle of maps that always lead the way, show the way and provide the navigator with all possible help in reaching his/her destination. So for navigation purposes, humankind is using maps for centuries for navigating and discovering new areas of land and continuously feeling it with more and more detail. Map is one of the crucial apparatus when it comes to understand the globe around us by helping and assisting us in locating valuable information and usually finding the way to home, or to a nearby shelter whenever we find our self lost track of the route to the destination. Now with the help of new age digital map we can not only just be able to find the missing route easily, but also can know about various other alternative routes & locations to reach the primary destination easily as well as detailed information of the entire area is shown in such digital maps were trekking, camping and tour is going on or taking place.


Now in the same way, a 3d digital model is the manifestation of the digital map that is basically used as navigational tool as well as known for global positioning system tool that works to pinpoint the exact location of an individual or the location of tour group or personnel whenever they are assigned to conduct a governmental job or a private job or mission in an area that is either hostile considered not friendly. So these digital models are swapping physical prototypes in the world of architecture and engineering. Creating a traditional model of land, area and building can be both time and money consuming. Whereas a digital model is concerned, it can be regulated or adjusted whenever problems are detected & can be solved without widespread delay. The use of digital models immensely increases the productivity of architectures and civil engineers.


So the next in line is RF map that is best used to calculate the range and reach of radio frequencies around a city that will further help in implementing radio & telecom based infrastructure such as towers and telecom lines all over the city.

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